Denver, CO – Newark, NJ | United #969 | 22A


Who knew that JP McCaffrey was such a high-roller? First, details on the flight.

The flight left a little late, but they made the time up in the air.  United got the job done, and everything was just fine.  Except of course for the dude listening to 70’s disco in the row ahead of us who hacked all the way cross country.  And, the woman behind me was having an asthma attack, which in turn led to a sneezing fit by her Rhinestone Cowboy looking seat-mate.  All was well outside of the collective expulsion of bodily fluids.

Back to JP, we agreed that cocktails were in order after a day trip to the West coast.  We agreed on vodka and cranberry. JP tried to buy the drinks off the woman with the snack cart, but she smacked him down and told him to be patient.  Finally, the drink cart arrived, JP ordered, and paid. End of story, right? Of course not.  Turns out Mr. High Roller paid with a $100 bill which the flight attendant thought was a $10. As she started to roll away with her little cart, JP asked for change, the mistake was identified, and JP got his $100  back.  Phew!


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One Response to “Denver, CO – Newark, NJ | United #969 | 22A”

  1. JP McCaffrey Says:

    Absolutely hysterical! Don’t forget over the loudspeaker “Sir, the seatbelt light is still on!”… Too anxious for those drinks I guess…

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