Chicago, IL – Portland, OR | United #929 | 11E


I have to confess that the flight itself was uneventful, perhaps even pleasant. A rare streak of good luck occurred and JP was able to sit next to me in the exit row. We got a chance to get some work done, and to just generally catch up which was awesome given how much I’ve been on the road.

However, United showed their true colors just before takeoff.  JP’s flight from Newark was close to two hours late, having him touch down just fifteen minutes before the connection was set to depart.  He texted me the minute he landed, and I let the gate agent know that he was on the ground and coming in to the gate RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL.  We were at C28, and he was coming in to C27 for those of you who are familiar with OHare.  The essentially said, “too bad,” not our problem.  But actually, it was there problem.  Their broken equipment in Newark, their piss-poor planning, and their lack of empowering gate agents to make wise moves.  Luckily, JP knocked over a few old ladies, and was one of the first off his plane and made it by 15 seconds. Yes, 15 seconds.

I’m happy to be in Portland.  My first time here and initial impressions are great – nice people and excellent weather – at least today. Time to see what pinots they are pouring in the pub.


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