Albany, NY – Chicago, IL | United #5400 | 12D


I was wondering why our flight was delayed leaving Albany this morning – it is a crisp sunny day with no wind, and no reports of poor weather in Chicago. About a half hour into the flight the captain came on and made a long rambling announcement that left me with more questions than answers. Apparently he was late getting to the plane because he turned his watch back instead of ahead. He was “lounging at the gym” when the crew called and asked him to hightail it to the airport. So glad that guy is in charge of the aircraft.

Right before takeoff the flight attendant came on and announced that there was a child on board with a life threatening peanut allergy, and she respectfully requested that passengers who may have peanuts keep them put away while on board. Seemed like a fair enough request. Not long into the flight, the guy sitting diagonally from me took out a package of peanut M&Ms. I reminded him of the flight attendant’s announcement and he said, “these aren’t peanuts, they are M&Ms.” What do you want to bet he was at the gym that morning with the pilot?

At least the Red Carpet Club in the C terminal is uneventful this morning as I wait for my connection to Oregon.


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