San Jose, Costa Rica – Miami, FL, LR (TACA) 690, 11E


3 hours delayed, enough said. On top of that I had the pleasure of spending another hour or so in the immigration room (was attended by one of the nicest agents I have ever met). So, I was supposed to arrive in Miami at 11PM, I did not get out of the airport until about 2AM. Erin also landed at about the same time, so of course we had to do a Miami by night tour…Zach and James were also there.

Should be mentioned that the pilot approached the airport twice in Miami and had to abort – the first time it happened I got sweaty palms, the second time my heart beat was up to about 160. I wondered if he could not get the plane aligned with the runway, landing gear was failing, he had had one two many, etc. What an relief to step on solid ground.


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