Miami, FL – San Jose, Costa Rica, LR (TACA) 691, 10C


I have never seen so many people passed out at a gate before. For some odd reason, my client decided to book me on a flight to San Jose at 7:30AM (do not have my meeting with them until tomorrow) – so I have been roaming the airport since 5:30AM. I do not even want to get into my return schedule, will post about that on Friday.

Check-in was smooth and quick as was security – had the pleasure to experience MIA’s (Miami International Airport) newest terminal – very nice indeed. Plane landed on time, both customs and immigration was a breeze.

Erin is currently on a countrywide marathon, looking forward to posts – heard that her computer tested positive for explosives.


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2 Responses to “Miami, FL – San Jose, Costa Rica, LR (TACA) 691, 10C”

  1. ccnc2 Says:

    comfortable seats in TACA?

  2. fleander Says:

    Not bad at all

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