Miami, Florida – San Pedro Sula, Honduras, AA 949, 14C (emergency)


They say that Tuesdays is the best day to fly, least amount of passenger traffic. Not the case in Miami after a long weekend. The line to clear security was unusually long today. I had requested and received a confirmation for an upgrade online through, turns out when I got to the self check-in I was asked to pay $60 since I did not have enough segments. I decided to pass and instead opt for an emergency exit.

I really was under the impression that having Platinum status meant something, not the case at all. I have never had a courtesy upgrade – as I look ahead to business on this flight (I am writing this post as I sit in plane – offline of course), I see more than half the seats are empty. Why not invite some of your most frequent flyers up to the front?

Asides from being a few minutes delayed, seems like I will still arrive as scheduled. Rests assure that I will try to get an upgrade on my way back to Miami in two days.


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One Response to “Miami, Florida – San Pedro Sula, Honduras, AA 949, 14C (emergency)”

  1. ccnc2 Says:

    i hope someone hears that. wouldn’t THAT make you a loyal customer?

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