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Miami, FL – San Jose, Costa Rica, LR (TACA) 691, 10C

February 27, 2008

I have never seen so many people passed out at a gate before. For some odd reason, my client decided to book me on a flight to San Jose at 7:30AM (do not have my meeting with them until tomorrow) – so I have been roaming the airport since 5:30AM. I do not even want to get into my return schedule, will post about that on Friday.

Check-in was smooth and quick as was security – had the pleasure to experience MIA’s (Miami International Airport) newest terminal – very nice indeed. Plane landed on time, both customs and immigration was a breeze.

Erin is currently on a countrywide marathon, looking forward to posts – heard that her computer tested positive for explosives.


San Pedro Sula, Honduras – Miami, FL, AA 942, 5B

February 22, 2008

Flight was delayed by one hour and the San Pedro Sula (Honduras) airport. I spent most of my time on the wireless network (dialup speed) surfing different blogs. I was not feeling all too well so I decided to live large, drop $70, and get an upgrade – I do not think I can expense it.

The pilot made up most of the lost time and only had us a few minutes late. Salad and lasagna was served dinner and I decided to have a ginger ale – for some reason I only drink that when I travel. Miami immigration lines were terribly long.

Overall an event less flight.

Miami, Florida – San Pedro Sula, Honduras, AA 949, 14C (emergency)

February 20, 2008

They say that Tuesdays is the best day to fly, least amount of passenger traffic. Not the case in Miami after a long weekend. The line to clear security was unusually long today. I had requested and received a confirmation for an upgrade online through, turns out when I got to the self check-in I was asked to pay $60 since I did not have enough segments. I decided to pass and instead opt for an emergency exit.

I really was under the impression that having Platinum status meant something, not the case at all. I have never had a courtesy upgrade – as I look ahead to business on this flight (I am writing this post as I sit in plane – offline of course), I see more than half the seats are empty. Why not invite some of your most frequent flyers up to the front?

Asides from being a few minutes delayed, seems like I will still arrive as scheduled. Rests assure that I will try to get an upgrade on my way back to Miami in two days.